Risk Management in a broader perspective is about identification, assessment and taking control of risk thereby minimize our financial losses.


Most of us think by taking some life insurance policies and Health insurance policies will take care of their entire risk. Unfortunately most of us are under covered even in Life insurance and Health insurance. (Thumb rule is 12 times of annual income in Life insurance and at least 5 Lakhs of health coverage for a family) Also Life and Health insurance alone cannot protect a family as there are equally other important products like Top up cover, Accidental cover, Critical illness cover, Hospital daily allowance cover, Senior Citizens cover,Householder cover etc.
Just imagine a scenario where a person undergone a major kidney transplantation operation or a bye pass surgery admitted in a hospital gets discharged after 10 days. Though his hospital bills are taken care by his mediclaim, do you think the very next day he can attend his work? Doesn’t he need at least 10 to 20 days of minimum medical rest? In some cases he may not be fit enough to attend his job or business. Now who is going to take care of his monthly commitments and his EMI’s??? This is where we help you by giving proper Risk management solutions based on your need.